How can I track the website traffic delivered to my site?

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You can track the purchased traffic in your Google Analytics account. All customers must have the Google analytics code added to their website prior to purchasing, so they can track the traffic been delivered throughout the defined campaign period. We will provide a report at the end of the monthly campaign ...

Does your traffic show up in Google Analytics?

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Yes. All our packages are compatible with Google Analytics. Depending on the purchased package our traffic will show up in GA as direct visitors, organic traffic, social media traffic and/or individual referrals. Please note that under certain circumstances Google Analytics may loose a % of the traffic due to the way ...

How much traffic will I get per day?

2023-02-04T17:08:04+00:00May 13, 2022||

Every day you will be getting 1/30 of the monthly traffic volume, for example you purchase an Max Pro plan with monthly volume 1,000,000 Hits(Page views) and 333,333 visits, so every day you will be receiving up to 33,333 hits and 11,111 traffic.


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Paid traffic is generally much "colder" than natural organic traffic. We do not guarantee any sales or Conversions. No one can – Not Facebook, Not Google, Not LinkedIn etc. However, our clients have seen their sales increase by as much as a whopping 800%, and a majority of clients have profited greatly from ...

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