You can track the purchased traffic in your Google Analytics account. All customers must have the Google analytics code added to their website prior to purchasing, so they can track the traffic been delivered throughout the defined campaign period. We will provide a report at the end of the monthly campaign showing the traffic sent to the targeted website.

Summary Process: Your campaign will be submitted for Approval to our traffic team when a customer has provided:

  1. Their website URL (up to 5 URLs)
  2. Website keywords (up to 5 keywords)
  3. Countries to Geo target traffic (unlimited choice)
  4. Website Google Analytics UI code number

Our Traffic Team will review the details and create your specific Traffic Campaign within our system that usually goes LIVE within 12 hours even during busy days, weekends or holidays. We will confirm once activated.

You can track your traffic for your website from your Google Analytics Account. At the end of the monthly cycle, we will provide a full report of the traffic.