How Does Automatic Targeting And Smart Goals Works?

2022-05-13T10:28:42+00:00May 13, 2022||

Automatic Targeting and Smart Goals automatically displays your website to a highly interested audience that is right at the moment searching and looking for your content/product/offer/etc… to provide you with people that are most-likely to shop (Increase Conversions) or people that are mainly browsing and searching (Increase Traffic).

How Does Audiences And Keywords Targeting Works?

2022-05-13T10:28:17+00:00May 13, 2022||

Audience targeting displays your website to people from well-known established audiences that are highly interested into certain content/product/offer/etc… based on their past and current searching and browsing. Keywords targeting displays your website to people who are right at the moment searching for or looking at certain content/product/offer/etc… Combination of these targeting options ...

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